Belvedere Castle Plaza wedding

Central Park Wedding/Elopement Tour

When couples enlist Liam’s services for a full session of three hours, they are able to really explore the city.  In this case, G+D began with a wedding ceremony at the Belvedere Castle Plaza overlooking Turtle Pond and then continued south to the Shakespeare Garden, Ramble, Bow Bridge, Bethesda Terrace/Angel of Waters’ Fountain, the Mall, […]


Family wedding

A+D committed to each other many years ago.  They made it through college and countless other joys and difficulties of daily life.  The graces of luck even gifted them with two beautiful daughters.  And, with their family and friends finally gathered together on a not-so-hot morning, they exchanged poignant personal vows.


A Very Joyful, Fun Elopement in NYC

I normally find it hard to choose photos to feature.  I try to balance images that I like with images I think other couples might enjoy.  And I do add in a few  clearly showcasing the site to give future couples ideas.  But this slide-show was really difficult to put together: laughter abounds.