Belvedere Castle Plaza to the Boathouse

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Dearest Judie & Liam,

Thank you again for such a wonderful and perfect wedding! I saw that some of our photos are up, and they are lovely. I tried to post a comment but it did not go through. Do feel free to write anything about us – should the urge strike you. Rick & I met over a decade ago in NYC, and then had not seen each other for over ten years. We kept in touch throughout the years and last summer I flew to St. Louis to see him for the first time. – A short (4 day) visit turned into us deciding to spend our life together. The fact that we were able to come back to the city where we met, and marry by the Castle is astonishing! And the two of you made that possible.

Thank you for the best day of our life!
Catherine & Rick

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  1. Catherine & Rick

    Dearest Judie & Liam,

    I could not have dreamed of a more perfect wedding. In every way, this was a storybook marriage – from meeting Rick over a decade ago in NYC, to seeing him again for the first time last year, to a little more than a year later coming back to a Castle in Central Park to be wed. THANK YOU BOTH So so so much!
    Rick & Catherine


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