Bethesda Terrace wedding

A private ceremony in a public park

Before officiating this NYC wedding by the Angel of Waters’ Fountain, I noticed about four couples in their wedding finest and another four couples enjoying their “e-sessions” or engagement photo session.  Since this couple was a bit wary of marrying among the crowds, we moved to a quieter spot in the shadow that nonetheless affords […]


A Baptist and an Atheist Wed

Hi Judie- A BIG thank you to you and Liam for making our day fantastic! We appreciated your friendly professionalism and your ability to roll with the punches due to the weather-related changes. We were a bit frazzled upon our rushed entrance, not being able to hail a cab in our garb and having to […]


Joys of Weekday Weddings in the Park

Nothing else could have made this elopement stick more closely to the true spirit of the concept.  First, Kristi and Chris choose a Monday evening as their wedding date.  Secondly they planned to pack up their East Village apartment to move to Colorado the next day.  Thirdly, they married in a public place with only […]