Destination Wedding at Bethesda Terrace, Central Park

After almost fourteen months of digital correspondence, Helen and Diarmuid finally got hitched!  Their destination wedding in New York was actually quite simple with a touch of tradition and a touch of the personal.  Helen first contacted me in June 2009 to check availability and for general ideas.  Over the next months, this fabulous couple solidified their plans: they selected a weekday and time for the ceremony, picked a location (shadow of the Angel of Waters Fountain at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park), got a $25 permit, choose Alice’s Tea Cup for a post-ceremony brunch of cake and tea, invited their nearest and dearest, prepared a website to help their fellow travelers find food, lodging, and entertainment in NYC, arranged for the hotel, got rings, clothes, and opted for a standard, traditional-esque civil ceremony.  A friend also gifted them with the best alternative to a real flower bouquet I’ve seen yet.  The fantastic friend made a bouquet out of paper…from a book…by the wonderful Jane Austen — Sense and Sensibility.   For this highly literate and over-educated couple (as a former Sociologist, I mean that in the most affectionate sense!), it was a perfect wedding plan.  I completely concur!

By the way, the photographer (Liam), Helen, Diarmuid, and I also wandered into this adorable rustic shelter by Fifth Avenue and 69th Street that would be great for those who want a more secluded, private ceremony.  It has seating for about six to twelve guests with a cool rock formation adjacent to it.

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