Vow Renewal on Belevedere Castle Plaza, Central Park

I met Lucy and her youngest daughter a few months prior to her August wedding / vow renewal.  She felt regret that she never go to say ‘I do’ at her first wedding to Wesley.  She wanted a celebration to mark ten wonderful married years that would gather in her whole family, including her four children, in the city they call home and love.  Equally important, although she had a legally recognized certificate from another country, she wanted a NYC marriage license and certificate.  Few may know this bit, but couples may legally marry their spouse again in New York: they need only bring their first certificate and apply for the license.   Couples do this for various reasons.  Some wish to change a surname, to celebrate an anniversary, to fool family and friends who don’t know the couple already married, and even to make paperwork easier in NYS if they have a certificate in another language.

To commemorate ten successful years and the creation of their beautiful children, Lucy and Wesley married once again.  With so many memories, they were able to easily write personal vows for each other.  Furthermore, this time around, they opted not only to exchange rings: they also received ring tatoos!  And Lucy finally got to say “I do” to the traditional vows she always dreamed about.

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