From The Plaza to Central Park

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Eric and Maria were unsure as to where to have their wedding ceremony in Central Park, which is why I had the pleasure of meeting them in The Plaza.  The Plaza is a lovely, classic hotel very conveniently located near the southern end of Central Park.  As “recovering Catholics,” they wanted a spiritual, yet non-religious marriage ceremony.  Still, they added a very personal touch: Eric’s grandfather traveled through World War II with an army issued Bible containing the New Testament.  As they exchanged civil, yet very traditional wedding vows, they placed their hands on this family treasure.
Below is an e-mailed note of appreciation:
Eric and I wanted to thank you for making our wedding so wonderful. You two made the day! And you both seem like really cool people which made the day that much more fun.

Thank you again for everything. Oh and ps. some lady that does a blog for NY got our pic and we gave a shout out to your company for the great job you did and the cool idea that you guys started.

Great Job,

Eric and Maria

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