Note of Thanks

Couples sometimes ask why I leave so much room in-between ceremonies.  The simple answer: about fifty percent of my weddings begin a little late — about fifteen minutes — and a quarter begin more than thirty minutes late.  Most of the time, no one really is to blame: accidents are inevitable.  Take Kembilin and Dereek, for example.  They were all set to go, but someone forgot the marriage license, which caused their wedding to begin two hours late.  Hey, it happens!  Another time, the musician got stuck in post-accident traffic.  Sometimes, a couple encounters clothing or hair issues.  And sometimes a close family member or best friend is late.  As I often remind couples in their wedding ceremony: life is unpredictable!

Dear Judie,

Thanks for being our officiant and having a whole lot of patience with us. You made our day something we would never forget. Thanks for your help and dedication.



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