Mary and Eduardo’s North Forest Park Wedding

A very warm, friendly couple, Mary and Eduardo were all set to move to the Mid-West from New York. But first they wished to get married here. On May Day, the weather was ideal for their small wedding in a truly charming, very natural-looking little clearing near Mayfair Road and Park Lane South in North Forest Park.  They selected my more poetic Humanist ceremony: the couple and guests felt it was inspiring and set a sweet tone.  This is a reminder to all those in the middle of selecting a ceremony: consider picking a ceremony for the emotions it evokes and the thoughts it provokes.  In this ceremony, I encircle the couple with lavender.  The lavender, which represents healing and fortune, also makes a great keepsake: gather it up in a satchel and place it in a draw to make your clothes smell as lovely as the day you married!  Eduardo noted that the lavender had a more commonplace significance too: they wash their floors using lavender scented soap.   Mary and Eduardo also asked a friend to read the “Blessing of the Hands” before they exchanged rings.   After the ceremony, they borrowed a stranger’s front lawn in Kew Gardens (Queens, NYC) for a few photos: only the family dog seemed to mind!

By the way, to all budget-conscious brides, Mary was delighted to report that ordering her wedding dress online went very smoothly: the fit, price, and style worked out beautifully for her.  For those who are not aware, many middle-class bridal stores — David’s Bridal among them — use the “ladies in China” to make the dresses.  (Of course, debates on this topic are still raging.)

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