Rustic Shelter / Alice in Wonderland Elopement

For those who are not from the NYC region, summer temperatures have arrived!  The humidity is not very comfortable.  But it’s great beach weather!  I’m also happy that I’ll be able to consistently loose the sweater I’ve used so often in the past months for park weddings.  Ladies (and Gents), this means that you can plan on sleeveless or short-sleeved attire without goosebumps.

Not so far from NYC in New Jersey, Nola and John work as farmers!  On most mornings, John walks his dogs for a few miles.  Around eight in the morning on a beautiful Sunday in May, though, he married the love of his life, Nola.  A sincere, warm, and thoughtful couples, they balance each other seamlessly.  Soft-spoken John and gregarious Nola seem to have been together for a life-time already.  After their ceremony, they planned to go for brunch at the Plaza.

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