Karen & Steve’s Central Park Wedding Ceremony

Weddings are not just for the young.  Too often officiants and photographers feature youthful brides and grooms (or brides and brides // grooms and grooms).  But we can learn much from more mature relationships.  Karen and Steve of Ottawa met at the gym.  A few short years later, they decided to plan a destination wedding here in NYC.  Although a quiet, calm couple, they nonetheless selected a longer ceremony lasting twenty minutes in length.  While I understand and sympathesize with those who prefer five minute ceremonies, consider how many more photos and how much more time you can take to absorb the moment with a slightly longer ceremony.  Karen and Steve also opted for a morning wedding on a weekday, which is a great choice to avoid crowds and for lovely morning light.  With a full day ahead of them, it also allowed them to fully enjoy their first day as newlyweds.  Those not well-versed in the history of weddings may find illumination in the past: until a few decades ago, most U.S. (and European) weddings were held in the morning after which the newylweds would plan to “motor off on their honeymoon” or set-up their new home together.  Today, the U.K. only allows day-time weddings.

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