Wedding at NYC Historic Site

The Old Stone House is a great site for a small wedding in any season.  It’s not alone, the Voekler Oth House in Queens and the Merchant House in Manhattan are wonderful alternatives.  Getting married in a historic site in New York is ideal for those, like me, who love the warmth of more intimate weddings surrounded by classic architecture in which families and friends have gathered for more decades than the average life-span.  If it’s warm, you can marry outside.  If it’s cold, you can marry in the sweet, adorable indoor spaces.  Did I mention that the ceremony sites mentioned above are affordable too?

Juliette and Ben’s wedding epitomized an ideal intimate celebration.  It was low-key, part off-beat, part personal, part communal, and part traditional.  They invited about thirty of their family and friends for their outdoor August wedding ceremony in the Old Stone House.  The mother of the bride made her very cool dress, which seemed at once old-fashioned and fabulously unorthodox.  Juliette is a vegan, and I believe she prepared all the food herself, including a plethora of cupcakes for her guests.  (As a long-time vegetarian, I have tried making these, and they are hard to perfect, so kudos to Juliette!)  Their ceremony was simple, yet sweet.  Usually, I open the ceremony.  More comfortable with public speaking than most, they welcomed their loved ones and then rhapsodized shared, loving words of appreciation. Then came a short introduction to their wedding vows and ring exchange.  Their outline was atypical, yet it suited them nicely.

Many times couples request a general ceremony outline.  They might then wonder why I raise my eyebrows slightly or give them so many options, which I admit does overwhelm some.  The truth?  Just like couples may opt for a standard or personalized ceremony, the ceremony parts may be organized in myriad ways.  Yes, the traditional order (welcoming; statement of intent/”I do”; meaning of marriage; wedding vows; ring exchange; pronouncement) feels best for most.  But if you add in poetry or rites or personal words for your loved one, it makes perfect sense to add these special touches where they flow the best.

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