Wedding at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Taken only about a week after the new Brooklyn Bridge Park opened by the dock area where the Bargemusic and Ice Cream Factory reside, this photos of a couple I married in the Spring.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of marrying another couple in the vicinity during the day — fortunately before the heavy winds ripped through Park Slope and into Queens.  Youthful, yet healthily growing grass and trees now line the Brooklyn Bridge Park. My couple, Wendy and Franklin, are planning a huge Chinese banquet to take place soon.

A touch of shyness and willingness to marry  “auspicious day at an auspicious time” to bring joy to the bride’s mother conditioned their decision to have a private ceremony with only immediate family present.  At the ceremony’s end, my glowing couple clearly felt nerves lifted.  Now they can enjoy the banquet without worrying about exchanging vows in front of well over a hundred guests!

Besides offering views of the Manhattan skyline, this area offers myriad restaurants.  Couples on a budget could treat guests to post-ceremony ice cream to celebrate or plan the ceremony concurrently with a concert at the Bargemusic.  In fact, you can even get married on the Bargemusic.  You could have also plan a reception at the River Cafe, Bubby’s, or 1 Front Street, which can host the ceremony too.

In the evening, just after the storm passed through Manhattan, I married another couple with only friends present in the tree-lined mall of Central Park.  Planning two weddings that will take place in one year, the couple married privately for personal reasons and to save on health insurance.  They warned their friends not to publish the photos anywhere for fear their parents would discover their elopement.  Although they requested a five minute ceremony with no ring exchange, they did exchange impromtu personal vows.  It was a beautiful moment they will cherish always.

The moral of these two stories?  Couples elope for a variety of reasons, and all of them are understandable.  Many — not all — plan a large celebration later.  Whatever the reason, tiny weddings are joyous events.

Be careful not to confuse the new and old Brooklyn Bridge Parks when letting me know where your ceremony will take place.  The old BBP park, which I happen to love, is the park with the mini beach and huge stone steps.  It’s actually closer to the Manhattan Bridge.

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