Yes, I do perform religious wedding ceremonies upon request…

It is true that the “traditional vows” for both civil and (Christian) religious ceremonies are identical.  Some denominations use variations, but the essence remains.  The vast majority of my couples opt for a civil, humanist, or generally spiritual ceremony.  Justice of the Peace style civil ceremonies are non-religious and contain generally straightforward language defining marriage.  They tend to be under five minutes long, although I have also performed twenty minute long civil ceremonies.  Humanist ceremonies are a bit more spiritual: usually some theme unites all the threads: the average length is somewhere between ten minutes to twenty minutes.  Another nice percentage of my couples wish to honor their intercultural or interfaith/multifaith heritages: in such cases, I advise incorporating at least two special touches from the couple’s individual backgrounds.  I also perform single-faith religious wedding ceremonies.  While most are Christian or nondenominational, I can easily find a template from your  faith, any faith, to use.  The couple featured below requested a Christian ceremony with well-known segment from St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (“Love is patient; love is kind…”), which I was happy to use.

Below, C + M’s religious ceremony in Shakespeare’s Garden, Central Park.

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