Thank you note

Judie & Liam~
John and I were both THRILLED with absolutely everything about our wedding ceremony…thanks to both of you! It was perfect and neither of us could believe that we felt such a familiar connection with two people we’d just met. Judie, you had no way of knowing that Maya Angelou is my FAVORITE author and as close to a hero as I have ever had. The reading you chose was simply brilliant and so apropos for the occassion.
Liam, if your photography skills are as fine-tuned as your ability to put your “subjects” at ease, I’m certain the pictures will be stunning. Truly, your gentle sense of humor and unobtrusive direction, made the whole picture-taking process a great deal of fun.
If John and I can ever do anything to support the fine work you do (aside from making referrals to anyone we know who is getting married in NY), please let us know. We’d be thrilled to share our experience with prospective clients or anyone who might be curious about the services you offer.
Have a wonderful holiday season!

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