Limerick Wedding Vows & a Surprise Wedding in Brooklyn

Vann and Julie met about two years ago a mere two weeks before Vann returned home to England.  In those two weeks, their attraction and friendship solidified.  Julie willingness to brave a week in icy British weather to visit Vann further revealed the intensity of their connection.  Vann returned to NYC and soon moved into Julie’s home in Brooklyn.

They married in the very urban-classic, brick enclosed barn-ish space at Frankie’s in Brooklyn.  They were planning on getting married a bit sooner, but then decided to make their chic baby shower double as a wedding with forty of their nearest and dearest present.  As Julie explained to her guests: “I realized that I was not making full use of the term ‘shotgun.’ ”  The concept of a surprise wedding even glowed in their vows, which they wrote, and I was delighted to read….

First, to you, Vann:

There once was a man—and that’s you,

Who for reasons extinct was quite blue,

Then one night he met Julie,

Fell in love with her truly,

Do you take her in marriage?”

“I do.”

And now Julie:

A circumspect girl, hitherto

not accustomed to hullaballoo,

Yet a happy conception

Provides the exception,

And one more reason to say…”

“I do”

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