Wedding Ceremony on the High Line

I believe the “prelude” expresses it all here…

Today, we give thanks to Sean and Facebook for bringing together Clint and Bridget for nearly ten months before they had the courage to meet in person.

While corresponding in writing first may stump our grandparents, it is actually an old-fashioned way to converse. Before transportation proliferated, our forefathers and foremothers would have spent hours cultivating friendships in letters. Likewise, without interpersonal appearances adding drama, Clint and Bridget were able to connect in mind and spirit. When they finally met in April 2009, these two already felt an affection for one another that ran deeper than the whimsy of first impressions. They had already grown to appreciate each other’s humor. Their meeting merely confirmed the initial sparks of attraction revealed in their digital embraces.

Bridget and Clint, you knew you were “meant to be” together as a couple quickly. Bridget’s expressive sass and extreme wit articulates stories in ways that make Clint laugh even when he is not inclined to do so; she brings great warmth to Clint’s everyday life. Clint’s practical side, creativity, intelligence, and incredible gifts as a musician make Bridget’s life all the more wondrous and beautiful. Bridget views family with admirable loving compassion just as Clint cares for his family.

Mutual esteem for nature demonstrates even further how generous you are as individuals. Fortunately, humor has a place of honor next to more serious pursuits. Especially when cooking in the same kitchen, you share much laughter enhanced by a private language you have built together. Furthermore, quirks once thought unwanted become sources for intimate, knowing smiles. In short, your values are comparable and unique talents complementary.

You may not always walk together with identical paces, but you take the same paths to explore the world. From this day onwards, you will share all the adventures encountered on these walks. You will no longer be alone. You will be recognized officially as a family. Frustrations will come, as they do to all families. Yet, when you gaze at one another past any grievances or irritations, respectful understanding will persist. Each will  help carry the other’s burdens and increase the other’s joys. Support for dreams will be constant. You will continue to believe in your bond, for underneath every apparent difference is common love.

Bridget, when you look at Clint, you see your love for him mirrored. And Clint, when you look at Bridget, you see your love for her mirrored.

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