Perfect NYC Destination Wedding Dress for Shakespeare Garden

It is ethereal. Delicate. Travels easily.  And, best of all, it fit this lovely bride perfectly.

Dear Judie & Liam,

Firstly, let me apologise for the lateness of this message; getting back to ‘everyday’ life has been a blur after such an incredible week.

We would both like to thank you, Judie, for such an insightful and meaningful ceremony. The words you spoke were so lovely & we will carry them with us. Neither of us like to be out in front of people, but you put us at ease & made sure we were comfortable with where everbody was stood before we began. This would seem like such a little thing to an outsider, but to someone who isn’t great in front of crowds, even small one’s, it meant we could take a breath & relax and we thank you so much for that.

Liam, the photographs you took were beautiful. You have captured the joy of the first few minutes of being married, and that is something I didn’t think you could see on film. You made us feel so comfortable, & indeed the whole wedding party with your patience & kind nature, that you were able to capture that in our photos.

We are so grateful to have met you both,

Kindest Wishes,

Amy & Rich

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