Studio Square Wedding Ceremony

Located in Long Island City, Studio Square is fast becoming the site of choice for couples planning an intimate, modern wedding ceremony.  I entered in freight elevator powered by a human to a glossy loft space with a cute outdoor patio.  And smiled when I saw the heart place holders decorating the table where D+C would soon share great food, wine, and dancing moves with family and friends.

This pair impressed me for their respect towards the bride’s older children, from whom they sought consent— consent that was happily dispensed.  Since a unity rite was, well, more than sappy for these sophisticated teen-agers, D+C instead opted for a simpler, yet equally wonderful way to honor them.  I included a family vow, and D+C then presented Tiffany bracelets to the three as a symbol of their love.

D, you enter this marriage with S, C, and A. Today, you and C pledge not only to give of yourselves to each other, but to these ever-growing children, who are now young adults, as well. Do you promise to always consider their feelings, to be open to their ideas, and to educate them to the best of your abilities in loving kindness?

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