Random Thought

Those planning a destination wedding might want to start watching “White Collar.”  I am rather critical when it comes to television shows –an inevitable byproduct from years of learning and teaching cultural studies’ courses.  It’s mindless entertainment, yet a few steps up from realty t.v.  (Wow–what a sad measuring stick!)

However, since I lack cable, I sometimes tune into random stuff online.  I’ve seen bits of a few episodes, and I’ve been amazed at how many wedding ceremony and reception spots have darted across the screen.  Ramscale (loft) — City Hall Park (they moved some benches) — Gantry State Park (um, characters claimed Brooklyn, but those Long Island signs are unmistakable) — Madison Square Park — Grant Memorial/Riverside Park — and The Glass Houses (loft).  I’ve not ventured further into the show to discern more than those spaces, but I am sure it features more spots.

In sum, that show was made to be a nuanced, moving advertisement for NYC: subtly sexy, the relaxed yet highly refined morals of urban life, and warmly welcoming.

Anyway,NYC destination wedding couples, if you see something you like, let me know, and I will look up the scene to try to figure out the “where” question.

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