The Perfect NYC Elopement: Justice of the Peace style ceremony in Fort Tryon Park

I LOVE Fort Tryon Park.  I love lots of places for particular kinds of weddings and elopements.  But when I officiate at Tryon, I feel at home.  When eloping couples request site recommendations that do not require a permit, Tryon is always on the short list of favorites.   In the past, I’ve also commented about the joys of morning weddings before eleven o’clock: the light is fantastic and crowds thin to non-existent, especially in less touristy parks…like Fort Tyon Park.

For various reasons, few people take such bits of advice.  But B+S did.  This brings me to the second reason this elopement was perfect.  B+S attended high school in our boroughs and live on the isle of Manhattan.  They know naturally what it means to elope in NYC.  It means being relaxed, walking in comfortable shoes, not wearing a suit in summer heat, and not worrying at all about the ceremony or photos.  And all these reasons comprise why they glow in the images below.

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