Let’s “chat” about the NYC off-Beat elopement package….

The couple below “got it.”  M+S specifically requested our OBB package and understood that it covers a few photos and a simple (non-customized) ceremony.

But, for some reason, two couples recently assumed that my services automatically include photography.  This is not true.  First, Liam works solely on elopements and intimate weddings. Conversely, I officiate at all types of ceremonies –big and small and informal to formal.  And I never assume folks want us both.  In fact, many come to me after they’ve already hired a photographer.

So, if you’d like photos, make sure you let me know!  And keep in mind that 45-60 minutes of photography is fine for elopements, but it really covers only pictures at the space where the ceremony will be held.  Also, do remember that it is short time period for photos: if Liam takes a photo per minute (yes, he probably does, but remember that some time will be spent on walking, etc), then the total will be sixty.  OBB couples will probably not receive sixty (blinking eyes; dodging crowds; camera adjustments….).  Most likely, 30-40 will be received, and the couple will “like the way they look” in about 10-15.


  1. Misty

    The couple below who “got it” (M + S) would like to let you know that the ceremony and time we spent with you and Liam, and the pictures; it all could not have been any more perfect than it was. You did a wonderful job making our ceremony special, and the pictures from Liam were absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for offering such a special service.


  2. Misty

    Judie and Liam-
    Thank you so much for making our day so special. Your offbeat bridal package was perfect for our small and quick ceremony. The pictures—–unbelievable! The ceremony—-perfect. It could not have been a more perfect day. Thank you for providing such a unique and special service!
    Shane & Misty


    1. The Blog

      Misty and Shane,

      Thank you for the kind words! We considered it a true honor and joy to participate in your wedding! We wish you the best of luck in all future endeavors — not that you need it!

      With love from Judie and Liam


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