NYC “City Hall” Alternative for Weddings

Thanks to Goethe, among others, we may re-think the parable of Adam and Eve.  Goethe wrote: “A wife is a gift bestowed upon man to reconcile him to the loss of paradise.”  Maybe the loss of innocence derives from the origins of society: when even just two come together, a few frustrations will ensue as each realizes inner ignorance.  And yet, any spouse offers companionship worth more than even the contentment of living alone in utopia.  A few days ago, K+J gave each other glimpses of paradise; they offered the great gift of loving friendship to one another.

Most newbies to wedding plan refer to “City Hall” as the place where they will pick-up the marriage license.  In NYC, they will actually visit the NYC Marriage Bureau / Clerk’s office rather than City Hall proper.  While many of my couples are planning larger celebrations outside the Clerk’s office, I receive lots of calls from folks who decide to forgo the thirty second ceremony there in favor of personal vows in a site they choose.

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