During a heat wave, into the woods for the ceremony do we go

I am so glad to have met this fantastic couple who planned their NYC wedding from abroad in the U.K.  Smart, relaxed, and –I know this seems commonplace, but it’s true– downright pleasant, this pair made a beautiful couple. As an added bonus, they married in the lovely Shakespeare Garden before heading to the Ramble for some photos.  And, like many of my British couples, I adore the Shakespeare Garden. I also like that while they married in NYC, they planned a honeymoon in far more rural New Hampshire.  How rare and very cool!

Graced by the benevolence of Lucy, whose instincts knew the pairing could be perfect, we are able to gather here today to participate in the creation of another memory in Craig and Vicky’s love story.

Vicky and Craig, your story began six years ago in a somewhat gradual manner. Vicky was unsure if she liked Craig, who seemed too cool and rather rude, and who had not noticed her much anyway. A trip with friends to Sicily, though, allowed you both to finally overcome inherent shyness within forty-eight hours and with the aid of some beer. Conversations alongside the pool revealed a connection strong enough to encourage you to date. Vicky learned that Craig was delightfully less cool than she initially presumed and therefore much nicer. And Craig learned that Vicky was possibly cooler in the better sense than he.

Since you met, you have supported each other through major career changes. You have met each other’s family and felt joint relief when the two sides successfully met. Not only have you shared the same kitchen without too much drama for over two years: you have planned a trip or two together as well. Indeed, on a trip to Yosemite Valley last year, Craig proposed. Perhaps some pausing ensued. Then Craig declared: “we can do this any way you want…” Doubt melted away as Vicky realized how much Craig understood her. And Vicky accepted.

(Then I talked about the meaning of love and life…..)

….Lots of attraction, fun, and adventures keep us bound to such a heady philosophy of marriage. Each added year to your relationship has added new thrills. And the more you discover, the more you like each other.

Vicky, although Craig may have been a little slow to recognize his luck, he did come to realize that you are quite “a find.” Even simply listening to you enriches Craig’s life. Now, he knows that the best decisions he will ever make will be in consultation with you. The advice you give Craig to deal with difficulties is precious. Being with you has made him happier and more fulfilled, and Craig anticipates in excitement the prospect of returning each favor of love you have granted him. You are a fabulously thoughtful individual; you represent all that is good in life. In an embittered world, Craig has found a sincerely honest and loyal person to admire. Your passion for life radiates in the prideful care taken in every achievement. Kindness shown to family and friends seems to be a bottomless well. You are not merely funny, but hilarious: he treasures the private jokes and silly, pulled faces shared with you. And as an added bonus, Craig still feels amazed by your beauty.

Craig, Vicky thinks you are completely awesome. She would genuinely pay money to see you do your funny dance more than once. You are an audaciously open individual who is unafraid of the opinions of others. You are funny, messy, self-indulgent, competitive, and totally over-confidant; crumbs from the great food you cooked before departing are probably attracting friends in your flat right now. Amid mocking Vicky for the geeky stuff she enjoys, though, you indulge her whims too. You are content to watch PokerStarts Ultimate Championship for six hours and then watch – without too much complaining – a SciFi film with Vicky. And beneath your brassy exterior is a wonderfully kind and extremely sensitive person. Your keen intelligence enables you to achieve any intention set. With you as her advocate, Vicky has found a very handsome guy who gives her a confidence never before experienced.

For all these reasons and more, neither may conceive of a future with anyone else. I am certain that you two are sure to be together “until the deal goes down.”

Their wedding vows—–

To my best friend: if you’ll be my husband/wife, I promise to appreciate you, to support and encourage you, take care of you if you’re ill, make you laugh, and try not to make you cry. I will work hard to be a team with you and build a home together. In good times and bad times, I will stand by you and you will never be alone. I guarantee that I love you more than anyone else. Knowing how lucky I am, I’d like you to have this ring as a sign of my promise to grow old and bent with you. 

Lastly, I recited a poem, which they selected, and then the ceremony concluded!

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