From a whimsical encounter to a wedding in the Ladies Pavilion

Quinn and Nora met in a whimsical way a few years ago in Terminal 4 at JFK airport. Nora’s beauty captured Quinn’s gaze immediately: with his heart racing, he walked over to her at a Hudson News’ store. He felt as if he had known her all his life. These words by Rumi express their chance encounter wonderfully: “The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers do not finally meet somewhere; they are in each other all along.” A quick conversation in true transitory style did not deter their future. Quinn offered Nora his e-mail address. To his delight, she wrote him a few short days later.

Since that fateful day, Quinn and Nora’s relationship has matured and flourished. While dating someone in another country is surely a challenge, Quinn and Nora prove that sincere commitment may surmount anything. In fact, perhaps because they lived their daily lives apart, they had to refine and nurture the ways by which they communicate. Whether times be good or bad, this pair is able to express themselves and stay understanding.

Quinn and Nora did meet with the graces of luck. But their continued commitment to bring happiness to each other’s life reveals the depth of their love. No matter where they roam, their shared love will ensure they return to one another with joy. Their love itself will be their home.


Dear Judie and Liam,

Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely photos!!! We’ve viewed them on Boxnet. We love the photos you took. You really captured the moment. So breathtakingly beautiful. Amazing photos for sure!! Thanks so much for capturing those precious special moments. Take care and many thanks again!
Warmest regards,
Quinn and Nora


Breathtakingly Beautiful Wedding
Quinn x. says: Our wedding was so beautiful. Judie and Liam were truly amazing at what they do. Judie wrote and read out the most heartfelt words at our special ceremony with a hint of humor. She captured the story of our relationship with full emotions which was as if we were living our love story all over again that it brought tears to our eyes. She was amazing and very organized. Liam was absolutely creative and captured the moments of our special day with such professionalism. He took lots of our photos embracing every joy and happiness that we were feeling. He never stopped snapping us both! They were both very patient, warm, friendly and always had a big smile. We would love to have them renew our vows again in the future. We would highly recommend Judie and Liam to anyone who would like to have their wedding ceremony in New York. You will not be disappointed! A truly magical experience. THANK YOU JUDIE and LIAM. You both are a star! x

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