Two very cute guys and a waterfall ceremony (+Lincoln Center & Empire Hotel)

Segment from their ceremony:

Caleb and Dennis, you are urban transplants. Having grown up in Michigan, you attended college at Lake Superior State University, where you met in 1987. It was a bit of a fateful meeting, as your connection became quickly apparent. You soon became the best of friends. Then this friendship transformed into a more intimate bond. This bond emboldened you both to run a successful business for ten years. You were even bold enough to buy and restore a house together in Michigan.

I think it is fair to describe any couple living on the cusp of a more fluid understanding of gender as inherently brave. A kiss in public – an act taken for granted by most – is not undertaken lightly in all places. A few decades ago, when you shared a first public kiss in the National Zoo in Washington DC, you rebelled against the norm and risked ridiculous stares. Since then, you’ve come to cherish those spontaneous public displays of affection even more than most.

Your love has given you strength and courage. As a wise man (Lau Tzu) once wrote: “To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.”

Of course, you need this courage most because family and friends sometimes love you too much. Picture a small town years ago…maybe one similar to those featured in movies as overly quaint. Picture a gusty Aunt Marilyn getting inducted in the local community bowler’s hall of fame. Aunt Marilyn then gives a speech. At the small-time community dinner, she introduces almost all other family members as individuals. Saving the best for last, though, she proudly introduces “her nephew Caleb and his partner” with a clear wink to the room.

Whether being outed by family, entertained by Mattie for thirteen years, deciding what Apple gadget to get next, or picking a SciFi movie to watch, you enjoy each other’s company. You complement each other. Caleb is quiet and calm; Dennis is talkative and loud. Yet these differences are merely opportunities for growth. Never do you go to bed angry. Burdens are lighter because you share them. And joys are greater because you both bring humorous adventures to your friendship.

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