Marriage Ceremony on a Boat (Chelsea Piers)

Hudson River Park by Chelsea Piers, taken with my TLR Autocord

Hi Judie-

We just returned from our mini-honeymoon on Cape Cod.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to speak to you after the ceremony as I got tied up with the guests.  I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful ceremony- you really captured our personalities and made it fun and lighthearted.  My mother thought WE wrote the ceremony because it was so personal to us!  That’s a real testament to your wonderful writing.  Thanks again for making our wedding so memorable.  Hope you made it off the boat before that storm rolled in:)

Best Wishes-

Here is a segment from their ceremony:

…..Before Karin first noticed James wearing an Ohio State t-shirt on February 5th, 2006 in a local bar in Woodside, they had already led parallel lives for years. Both grew up only about twenty miles apart in Ohio, attended Ohio University, worked in JCPenny at the same mall, and then transplanted themselves to the same building in Woodside, Queens. Each enjoys outdoor adventures, including kayaking and swimming….(which I suppose is why all of us have found ourselves on this boat). Curiously enough, their mothers share the same birth-date too.

Another, less prudent couple might refer to their meeting as “fateful” with dreamy, starry eyes. James and Karin, a more rational couple, realize that common interests and affection ultimately paved the way for their relationship to thrive. They have discovered quite a bit to analyze about each other and the world. And the analyzing has finally compelled them to uncover the true strength of their bond.

Karin appreciates the goofy side of James, which she finds endearing. A glance between her and James easily betrays an inside joke or two. James does not hide behind pretenses; he is a genuine, sincere, and honest person. He has a very giving nature. At the same time, he has tendencies to be a smart-alec. Yet his sarcasm reveals his keen wit.

James admires Karin’s confidence. When he sees her walking towards him in a crowd or down the street, his heart jumps a bit. When he is not experiencing some adventure with her, it does not feel right. He misses her too much. Karin’s friendship makes the delights of his life greater and lessens any pain…..

playing with the autocord before their ceremony


playing with the Autocord before their boat ceremony

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