Central Park Wedding, Justice of the Peace Style


  1. Brenda

    Judie and Liam are AMAZING!!! I live out of town and found them online-they are by far the best value-(photographer AND justice of the peace only 350$). They are an adorable,soft-spoken sweet couple and perfect for our small intimate wedding. They also arrived early for the event and always answered every email quickly. And as you can see the pictures turned out wonderful!! We were very happy with both of them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality people at a budget friendly price. Thanks, Brenda and Brandon (the bride and groom)


  2. chelle

    This was a beautiful spot! Judie will be doing our ceremony in November and I am wondering if you can tell me where this little spot is in central park? Congratulations to the bride and groom.


    1. The Blog

      Hi Michelle! The spot is known as the Glen Span Arch in the upper part of Central Park (west side). It is a lovely place in which to marry with one notable issue…the Waterfall makes it very difficult to hear your officiant. Since Central Park does not permit amplified sound with an extra special permit, the noise factor is something to consider. In the case of B+B, the video (and some guests) could only pick-up muffled sound, so I did a voice-over for the entire ceremony.


  3. michelle

    OHHH great to know! Perhaps it will be a cute picture spot we can use instead. I appreciate your feed back and will research the perfect spot when we are there in two weeks for the photo shoot.


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