Urban marriage ceremony in a country setting: Garden of Union in Brooklyn

Pardon the dust, I am a scan (Judie's 1958 Autocord)

Like any grouping in New York, we are a cluster of different personalities from many different places. Kate’s family is from Virgina, and Mark grew up in Rochester (NY), although his father is from Georgia. Kate and Mark nonetheless managed to find each other at work about three years ago. They then proceeded to encounter each other again and again on various separate adventures before Mark finally requested Kate’s presence at dinner in Brooklyn. With joy, Kate attended. In fact, just shy of a year later, she and Mark began calling Brooklyn “home” jointly.

In one of his first e-mails to Kate, Mark made an elaborate joke about uncomfortable chairs at a New Jersey mall. He knew the joke was risky; he knew it would either make or break their friendship. Fortunately, Kate “got it.” Since then, Kate and Mark have discovered countless other ways to make each other laugh. From a first kiss as the subway train rumbled across the Manhattan Bridge to this very moment in a tranquil community garden amid a busy city, they have carved out intimate spaces filled with personal meaning together.

Pardon the dust, I am a scan (Judie's 1958 Autocord)

Kate, Mark enjoys making your daily life a bit easier. He loves making your coffee, packing your lunch, and rubbing your feet. You are the sweetest girl with the biggest heart he has ever met. You – and your family – have a way of making him feel comfortable, and he cannot wait to start a family with you officially.

Mark, even before she met you, Kate felt a very strong pull towards you. She simply wanted to talk with you. You understand her. You even sent a map to help her find a restaurant on your first date, which was very helpful since she has a tendency to find herself lost. To this day, she cannot imagine ever having enough time to spend with you.

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