Sappy Humor in a NYC Marriage Ceremony

Dearly Beloved……Rays may shine; raindrops fall; we might get sweaty or chilly. Still vows will be spoken line-by-line; commitment will call; and Kelly and Ehrich will indeed pardon me for being silly…because what we need is here—in neither temperature nor park—but in the sincerity of our hearts.

Finding love at fifteen years of age is a timeless wish shared by many. We all wish to feel a “presence that disturbs with the joy of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime of something far more deeply interfused,” as William Wordsworth once proclaimed. This spirit binds two together in such an intimate bond that neither can conceive of a life apart. It is love—a feeling of transcendence—a feeling of faith in the future. Love is both pure and messy, divine and commonplace, and poetic and clumsy.

Kelly and Ehrich, you have persevered through the years in love. While both are a bit stubborn, you are able to take life in stride. You have matured together and with distance between you. No matter where you have roamed, though, mutual affection, loyalty, and hopes remained joined.

In quirky and classy ways, you support each other. Ehrich has given Kelly the gift of a make-up room in his home and strives to be a better person with her by his side. Kelly encourages Ehrich to enjoy his personal space—whether that means singing and mocking others as he gazes in the bathroom mirror or hanging out with friends.

Kelly and Ehrich, you already invested much in your future. Over the past few years, each embraced distinctive paths. Yet both made sure those paths ran parallel to make this day possible. You help each other to grow; whereas Ehrich is a bit more shy with strangers, for instance, Kelly is more open. You tackle arguments with smiles. Nonetheless, although in different ways, you are an ambitious pair with a great sense of humor. You admire the same values: you both endeavor to be trustworthy, dependable, reasonable, and honest. And, equally important, you enjoy simply relaxing together with a good movie.

In short, you have learned that the more exercised and communicated, the more goodness profusely evolves. The more you practice being punctual, the easier it will become. The more you practice gentle tolerance, the more instilled in you will those virtues become too.

Pam Ayres once wondered: “She’s thoughtful when he looks at her, a smile upon his face: Will he look that good in 50 years when his dentures aren’t in place?! He says he loves her figure, and her mental prowess too. But when gravity takes her over, will she charm with her IQ?”

The answer, I am sure, is a resounding “yes,” which is why you will now marry……….

For long as time belongs to both, you – Kelly and Ehrich – shall be two friends, two bodies, two minds, yet with one spirit exalted by an ever-deepening love.

May South Park continue to bring you laughter. May you find the perfect balance between indulging in shoes and building a retirement fund… May you protect each other. May you nourish each other. May you dream together. May you work well together. May the sun never sink below the horizon before anger subsides. Instead, may peace and love belong to you forevermore………………..

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