Congratulations to these Canadians, who eloped this week in NYC

J+D, for over eleven years now, you have compiled memories together. You were fortunate enough to meet as young adults in a school hallway through a mutual friend. A skunk stripe dyed into D hair struck J as very cute, and she wanted to get know him better. She did.

In the early months, you partied together. Although you dated other people, concerts, school, and mutual friends brought you into contact constantly. Neither thought much about dating the other formally, yet both enjoyed one another’s companionship.

And, then, after about one year of friendship, you kissed. D called J two days after the fateful kiss. An awkward conversation about comic books nevertheless led to ditching responsibilities and meeting for a movie. It was also the first of many times that you admirably prioritized your relationship above everything else.

Those “glory years” of partying eased into contented happiness. Amazing moments, terrible fights, a break-up, family tragedies, and tons of other nonsense have filled the years since you first met. Through it all, your bond persevered. With no one else do you both want to spend the “greatest, laziest days on the couch imaginable.” When a day passes without seeing each other smile or even bickering, you miss each other sincerely.

Last year, you finally bought a condo in Montreal together. While celebrating your thirtieth birthdays in May on a trip to Las Vegas, D was emboldened to propose. You shared a feast prepared by award winning chefs. A performance by the “most ridiculous eighties metal comedy band, hair included” dazzled you. Upon stumbling into the hotel, D ordered champagne and popped the timeless question.  To which J responded “yes.”

Neither had any interest in planning even a small wedding, though, until months later. While planning a restful and fun vacation in New York, J joked: “we should get married.” D’s face responded with a serious look: “OK, let’s do it.”

And here we are.


Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony. I was a little speechless afterward, and couldn’t really express myself, but it was really lovely. We were just so happy to have decided to do our own thing and have a nice stress-free private ceremony, and we didn’t think it would be so personal, sweet, and just to our taste.
I’m just so glad that you happened onto this profession. I feel that you really understood us, and what we wanted without us even realizing it in just a few short emails. 
Again, thank you so much! We really had a beautiful day, and you were a big part of that.
And, our families were shocked, but very happy for us 😉

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