An engineer and music teacher get married on the High Line

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This couple is a lovely pair –inside and outside.  I love how comfortable they look!  I am still dazzled by the exquisite simplicity of their clothes, especially A’s dress.  I think it was some sort of woven fabric–almost like a sweater.  It fit her like a glove.

Separately, they sent a few reflections about what they loved about each other, which I used as a prelude to their vows:

Alanna, Matthew loves your passion. From your relationship with him to your music, you have abundant passion. You devote yourself without hestitation. For your admirable efforts, you commend respect and receive notoriety. In fact, Matthew wishes he had your talents and the confidence to pursue them. He loves how much you bring the unexpected into his life. While you both share the same interests and struggles, he cannot never quite guess what future endeavors will bring. His life with you is never boring; it is priceless. Alanna, Matthew is deeply grateful that you have chosen to marry him and looks forward to cherishing old memories and building new memories with you as anniversaries pass.

Matthew, Alanna knew right away she wanted a serious relationship with you. Even in those early weeks, you made her laugh, called when you promised, and planned amazing dates. When she watched how you interacted with your nephew, Andrew, who has a profound infatuation with you, she fell in love with you. You are kind, gentle, sweet, and fun. She finds your descriptions of machines fascinating and appreciates how much you support her career as well. You help her move instruments for over twelve concerts annually and never miss a show. Most of all, she loves exploring new vacation destinations with you, where you indulge taste buds in delicious local cuisine. Matthew, Alanna also feels lucky to be marrying you today. You make her feel beautiful, and she still feels butterflies when you kiss her.


Hi Judie!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for officiating our wedding two weeks ago. Your words touched everyone; seemed like everyone present was teary-eyed! My family and my in-laws couldn’t stop raving about you! “Does she know you??” “How did you find her??”  They were amazed. Matt and I were too; it really felt like you knew us and you really made us feel special. (Also, thank you so much for pronouncing my name correctly… people have said it wrong my ENTIRE LIFE and I really appreciated that you got it right!!) We will never forget you.

Also please thank Liam for his wonderful photographs. I can imagine that as a photographer, one hour is not a very long time, and especially with so many people walking around, it’s hard to get the “good shot.” But Liam accomplished this many times over, and we LOVED his work.

Thanks to both of you!

Alanna & Matt

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