Short spiritual ceremony in my office on All Saints’ Day

As the air chills, I receive lots more calls for quick weddings in my office.  Some come from elsewhere and simply want to avoid going to the Clerk’s office again.  Most are local couples who wish for more than a thirty second ceremony after waiting on a long line to get married.

A local couple from Queens, S+G inquired about a “sweet and simple” marriage ceremony in my office.  It was to be “Justice of the Peace style.”  Last night, about two hours before the ceremony, the groom called to ask if family members could come along.  Naturally, I agreed.  Having a few family members does create a supportive environment.  Somehow we all managed to fit in my tiny office space to witness them exchange their vows.

To all those planning a trendy 11-11-11….for which I am completely booked….this couple remembered that November 1st would give them a 11-1-11 anniversary and, to make the day more meaningful, it is All Saints’ Day and “Day of the Dead” — a fabulous Latin American holiday that honors the dearly departed.

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