A fairy tale continues

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Personalized Prelude their ceremony: Neither Michelle nor Steve expected to encounter each other; they were not exactly looking for true love. Life was too busy interfering and forcing them to focus on the other big stuff. But God was smiling; amid their hard-work in other areas, fate was arranging a meeting.

Early in 2009, Steve decided to buy a house. Confusion about the timing of the appointment did not prevent him from feeling overwhelmed when he first met Michelle. She lit up the room. After the initial meeting, the pair e-mailed, chatted, and blogged. Because Steve was traveling quite a bit at the time, they covered all the basics in the new old-fashioned way–digitally. With their fears and dreams revealed, their first genuine date was more interesting than most. Indeed, Michelle and Steve act as young lovers do; they hold hands, listen to love songs, and whisper sweetly. They have created their own fairy tale. Today, we not only celebrate three years of silliness and seriousness and laughter and tears. We also celebrate the amazing prospects sure to enter Michelle and Steve’s personal fairy tale in the future.

Michelle, it took $350,000 to find you, but Steve has never second-guessed the decision. When Steve asked what you thought about baseball, you responded: “the crack of the bat…the smell of fresh cut grass…and play ball!” You hooked him then. Even today, he feels as though he never spends enough time with you. He enjoys daily life with you immensely–gardening, mowing, watering plants, feeding birds, watching HGTV House Hunter marathons, and even grocery shopping. You are a wonderful person; you are beautiful, strong, and incredible. Steve is extremely thankful to have met you; you make him giddy with happiness.

Steve, you are Michelle’s prince. She realizes it appears cheesy to call you her “prince.” But you are such a divine gift that only the most sentimental words can come close to describing her feelings. Preoccupied for a long time with caring for her daughter, she was out of the dating loop. Then she found you. Whether her days are great or terrible, you offer her a warm, strong embrace so she never feels alone. She appreciates deeply the wonderful romance you bring to her life. You are kind, sincere, smart, and always helping others. You can fix or build anything. Michelle knows that her life will only grow more fulfilled with you by her side in marriage.

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  1. michelle

    Judie and Liam…we are still teary eyed reading the words thqt you spoke about us on the 22nd…it didn’t mater that it was a bit chilly and damp, our ceremony was warm and thoughtful and presented by you in a very special way…we appreciate your customization of our thoughts that felt so personal and spoke genuinely about our romance…thanks to Liam for hanging with us through the chilly breezes and falling leaves…and for the pictures that captured our ceremony…it was a very special day!


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