Guerrilla wedding on the steps of a church

Eight hundred years ago, couples did not marry inside the church.  They exchanged brief vows in the present tense at the church doors.  Then they ventured inside for mass–the sermon, communion, and blessing.  This lovely couple, who planned a quick weekend elopement or destination wedding from afar, did nearly the same thing.  In a civil ceremony, they pledged their love and exchanged rings on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Then they went inside to say personal prayers.

Dearest Judie,

Thank You Thank You THANK YOU!!!

It was an even more perfect wedding ceremony than I dreamt it would or could have been:)))

You are such a wonderful and warm person as is Liam, that you made us feel like old friends and also that whilst we had no official guests, we actually got married with two of our friends in attendance:))

You both make a beautiful couple…..truly beautiful:))
Love to you both


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