Top of the Rock Wedding Ceremony

I could stare at this couple all day long; they are so pretty inside and out!!!

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Melanie and John’s love story offers reminders to take advantage of every possible opportunity. In May 2009, Melanie rushed to Nissan to have her car serviced on a lunch break. John insisted she slow down long enough to receive his number. Their first date was a first date. Their second felt more inspired: after all, it is easy to bond over ice cream. Melanie’s friends met John at that point and decided that he might be “the one.” It did not take much longer for Melanie to agree too.

Since that second date, the pair have become inseparable. On October 8, 2011, John took Melanie for a belated birthday celebration to Skies, a rotating restaurant with fantastic views. The waiter snapped a photo. As the waited snapped another, John dropped to his knee and proposed. Apparently, John felt confident Melanie would say “yes.” When they returned to her father’s house, she discovered family and friends ready for a surprise engagement party complete with champagne and cake………….

Melanie and John, you each give the comfort, help, and companionship the other needs to be strengthened as an individual. Honesty, trust, and faithfulness form the foundation of your bond. You accept each other; you complement and balance each other; you confide in each other; and you admire each other. Whether cuddling while watching television or encountering new adventures on trips, you enjoy being together. To your credit, both have even made sacrifices to remain a couple. When struggles came, you packed only your most precious belongings into your cars and moved to a new home in Kansas City. In other words, your friendship has developed into true love.

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