Intimate Marriage Ceremony at Eleven Madison Park Restaurant

Eleven Madison Park Restaurant keeps the nicest staff.  They are smart, sophisticated, and gracious hosts.  Perhaps the employees are commendable because their employers allocate nearly every Sunday as a day-of-rest.  Truly, this restaurant understands that if you make your staff happy, they will be gentler towards patrons.  Besides the joy of the personnel, my couple married amid lovely elegance.  In its earlier years, Eleven Madison Park Restaurant was not a public restaurant: it offered fine dining for executives.  Now it offers luxury to the discerning public. Imagine a soft, handsome romantic scene, and you will get a sense of this restaurant’s interior.

J+L also proved that customized ceremonies are not the only route to a meaningful exchange of vows.  On the evening of their ceremony, the groom expressed to me the sentiment that even though they were together for many years, saying the classic vows within a traditional civil ceremony (they choose my semi-formal service) really marked and reinforced their commitment.  And the bride later wrote: “Thank you so much for marrying us! We had such a terrific wedding it couldn’t have been more perfect :)”

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