On choosing images from weddings to post and thoughts about the Bow Bridge

It’s not easy to select images to post.  Here is roughly how I decide which to use.  First, I almost always include a general ceremony photo with the couple, backdrop, and at least a hint of me.  Secondly, I try to create some sort of brief narrative with ceremony highlights.

Then we move onto the “couple shots.” This is tricky.  Some prefer photojournalistic shots, and others prefer classic portraits. Two brides in the past year loathed “profile photos,” and others like them. My couples who planned or are planning destination weddings tend to prefer images with lots of NYC scenery.  Most photographers accustomed to Central Park, or any particular niche, have a cluster of images they always capture because most couples choose a particular site for its iconic scenery.  On the Bow Bridge, one inevitably includes the “two towers.” At the Bethesda Terrace, these include the Angel of Waters’ Fountain and the “Arches” or “Arcade”. At the same time, it is vital not to become overly redundant and too predictable.

If you’re pondering possible locations while planning your NYC destination wedding from elsewhere in the United States or abroad, please view a few slide-shows (see the side-bar of this blog) and *other photographers* to get a true sense of the area.  Some places create incredible backdrops for photography yet are not-so-great for the ceremony–most notably, bridges with lots of traffic.  Others may appear unappealing to someone searching for something “very New York” (as a native resident, I’m still not sure what that means…) yet are perfect for the ceremony.  In the Ramble, you can many incredible cozy spaces that yield a touch of privacy, such as a few Rustic Shelters, a clearing with a fabulous view of Bethesda Terrace, two spots with nice views of the Bow Bridge.  Also, along the Lake between Wagner’s Cove and the Ladies Pavilion dwells another rarely chosen Rustic Shelter with a marvelous perspective of the Bridge.

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