An intimate wedding becomes an elopement

S+S first contacted me with plans to invite family and friends to their June marriage ceremony in the Shakespeare Garden.  A few e-mails later, they booked formally.  Weeks rolled by.  Then the groom sent an e-mail canceling: they were having a really hard time coordinating schedules with family and friends. A few weeks later, he contacted me again.  They decided to elope!  Eloping is not the best choice for everyone.  But, for many, it is an affirmation.  For far more couples than one might presume, eloping is a means to prioritize the couple’s relationship over worries about balancing personal wishes with the demands of other aspects of life.  I am sure S+S will celebrate somehow in the future with their relatives and friends.  At least in the meantime they can enjoy the memories of marrying on their own terms.

Hi Judie! Hi Liam!

Thank you very much for getting the pictures to us so quickly. They are absolutely stunning; Stephen and I have been looking at them all day and we are so happy and impressed with them! 

We had the most lovely ceremony we could have imagined and were thrilled at how seamlessly our ceremony and photography session took place in Central Park. Our day could not have been more perfect.

Thank you again for all of your help in creating our wonderful wedding memories.

Take care,

Sarah & Stephen

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