Jefferson Market Garden Wedding

During warm months, garden weddings and waterfront weddings are my two favorites.  If the space is private, I confess that I feel relieved.  Most of my couples planning informal ceremonies opt for public spaces.  And I cherish public parks. At the same time, having officiated so many park marriage ceremonies with strangers taking photos as they stand a bit too close, background music playing rather loudly, and sometimes folks even walking straight thru the gathering in the middle of the ceremony, I sincerely appreciate ceremonies held in away from such hustle and bustle.  Honestly, I do find the excitement of the High Line thrilling and fun.  Yet I smile with sense of ‘ha-ha’ when I see the signs declaring “private event in progress” on the gates of community gardens as I walk inside.  In the larger scheme of plans, the extra $250-$500 for a non-public spot is often well worthwhile.

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