It was raining cats & dogs and lions & tigers & bears

J+A wanted to marry on the Brooklyn Bridge. I wanted to marry j+A on the Brooklyn Bridge.  And Liam wanted to photograph J+A on the Brooklyn Bridge and throughout DUMBO. After all, the groom wore a kilt, and the bride lovingly made her dress.  They were so sweet and so cute.

The forecast suggested the rain would stop soon, so we braved it.  And then it kept on raining.  A lot. The photos really don’t capture the extent to which it was raining.  Liam does have a “weather proof” camera, but the raindrops continuously clogged his lens. Our umbrellas went haywire in the wind. Fortunately, J+A decided to do a quick, two minute ceremony.   So, technically, they married on the Brooklyn Bridge in the pouring rain.  Hurray!

And we walked as quickly as possible towards cover.  And then traveled on the subway.  Personally, I love their photos on the subway so much I am beginning to think a totally off-beat ceremony on the subway is not such a strange or icky idea after all.  Of course, they married before rush hour, so it was not so hectic on the train.

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