Day 5 of Winter: Non-Wedding Film Photos

I am spending the day with my family.  So it seems only natural to post some NWR photos of them.  These are actually from the same roll (Kentmere 400, which I’d probably never buy again).  The two of Liam were taken as we waited for one of our couples in Fort Tryon Park.  The others are of Aida, the white Havanese as she imppatiently waited for Liam to stop showering, and Olivia, the brown Brussells-Bichon mix, who was waiting for Aida, to whom she feels an abiding attachment.

am not a photographer at all, let alone a wedding photography. I am solely an officiant. But I do know my trusty old Minolta SRT 100 adorned with a M Rokkor-x 50 f/1.4, which is an analog SLR 35mm camera with a stunning prime lens that has lived a longer life than myself. These old cameras are sturdier than digital, and I personally love the look of grainy, textured black and white film. Back in May 2012, I decided that for each day of the upcoming winter, I’d publish a photo or two from my past ceremonies (people, places, and/or things)—the good and bad, as a reminder that mistakes happen. These images are low-resolution scans of negatives. I generally used Ilford, mostly HP5, because I preferred its look and longevity. I never used a flash, but I love filters.

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