Day 18 of Winter: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Wedding Officiant


I could help but take this photo while traveling to this wedding ceremony. It was barely 7:30 a.m. Upon transferring from one of my lines (F/E) to the Q, I was all alone on the subway traveling from my apartment in Central Queens to Brooklyn. Too bad the trip via the Q involves lots of jerky movements. Still, an ephemeral moment captured is a memory to relive.

When the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens opens to applications for weddings in the first month of the year, you need to shout one quick “hurray” and then hurry to the office to get a permit: folks covet these permits.  Among the many places in which I could officiate weddings, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is among my favorites.  Yes, the permit is not cheap ($425 in 2012).  But it’s not pricey either.  Yes, you need to get up early to marry there, as they only offer time slots for ceremonies at 9 a.m.  But morning light is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and you then get to celebrate your wedding day in its entirety instead of spending half of it “getting ready.”  And, yes, the BBG only opens a few spaces (i.e. the Rose Garden and Japanese Garden/Pavilion).  But these are fabulous spots. I know these guys, who were my first gay wedding ceremony in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, would whole-heartedly agree.

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