Day 21 of Winter: Little Red Lighthouse Wedding Officiant

As soon as the ceremony ended, I fled to the shelter of a tree with the marriage license. My couple and guests were not far behind.

The guests gather just inside Fort Washington Park at about 158th Street and Riverside Drive West to commence the processional.
This couple hired a quartet: live music at a ceremony makes a huge difference! Here are the four guys warming up.
The processional through the park! (Under normal conditions, I tend to walk rather quickly.)

Situated in Fort Washington Park nearly underneath the George Washington Bridge, the Little Red Lighthouse is an absolutely fabulous place for a marriage ceremony, and I have lots of fun officiating weddings there…in nice, spring or early fall weather (versus the hot summer or cold winter).

However, it is a teeny pain to get here; it takes 20-30 minutes by foot.  We walked from 158th Street to the equivalent of 178th Street.  You can also enter via the long stairwell.  Personally, I prefer walking alongside the Hudson River.  Furthermore, no cover exists.  So when raindrops began to fall during this couple marriage service, nearly every one of their 30-40 guests pulled out an umbrella.  (Fortunately, rain does not bother me too much, unless I have another wedding ceremony to attend afterwards, which I did not in this case.)

I am not a photographer at all, let alone a wedding photography. I am solely an officiant. But I do know my trusty old Minolta SRT 100 adorned with a M Rokkor-x 50 f/1.4, which is an analog SLR 35mm camera with a stunning prime lens that has lived a longer life than myself. These old cameras are sturdier than digital, and I personally love the look of grainy, textured black and white film. Back in May 2012, I decided that for each day of the upcoming winter, I’d publish a photo or two from my past ceremonies (people, places, and/or things)—the good and bad, as a reminder that mistakes happen. These images are low-resolution scans of negatives. I generally used Ilford, mostly HP5, because I preferred its look and longevity. I never used a flash, but I love filters.

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