Day 26 of Winter: Top of the Rock Officiant

The bride could not help but squint with the sun shining so directly into her face. This pair wisely wished to marry early in the morning; it was a very hot summer’s day! They really wanted to marry at the very top level. Normally, I advise the middle level, which has more space to avoid direct sun.
I took this snapshot with the sun behind them, which is normally a really bad idea, but it does cure squinting! FYI: Direct sunlight and photography of any kind are not best pals. Shade and slight overcast are ideal.

I am not a photographer at all, let alone a wedding photography. I am solely an officiant. But I do know my trusty old Minolta SRT 100 adorned with a M Rokkor-x 50 f/1.4, which is an analog SLR 35mm camera with a stunning prime lens that has lived a longer life than myself. These old cameras are sturdier than digital, and I personally love the look of grainy, textured black and white film. Back in May 2012, I decided that for each day of the upcoming winter, I’d publish a photo or two from my past ceremonies (people, places, and/or things)—the good and bad, as a reminder that mistakes happen. These images are low-resolution scans of negatives.

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