Day 33 of Winter: Gapstow Bridge Wedding Officiant

Notice her unshoed feet and all those harsh shadows? Most wedding vendors understand why couples want to marry outside in the icy, cold center of winter or the bright heat of summer. Parks are pretty!  Comfort levels are not so pretty.  I am extra wary of park weddings in the winter; I cannot tell you how many times I’ve waited for late couples for an hour–my fingers and face go numb….Anyway… I will marry couples in the shade in the summer.  By the Gapstow Bridge are a few fabulous spots. In the front, you will find a little path to a rock with fantastic views of the bridge (right) and Plaza (left) that’s perfect for elopements.  Behind the Bridge are two clearings that are great for larger gatherings.  Naturally, other spots exist, but those are my personal favorites.

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