Day 37 of Winter: Minton Terrace/ Angel of Waters’ Fountain Wedding Officiant

I bought a two rolls of Ilford SFX 200, which has an extended red sensitivity that makes it an “almost infrared film.”  On landscapes, I love it with a red filter.  On people, I’m not too crazy about the film, which I thought odd: infrared actually does a nice job of capturing people, and I prefer Ilford film overall, but, well, whatever.  I nonetheless managed to like a few random photos of people I took with this film. The first image above is odd (the second too).  But I like how A+T seem so together.  They look lost in a moment together…in a good way.  Since both were taken before they married, perhaps they were feeling anxious.  I know that folks don’t really feel nervous about marrying per se, but about being the center of attention and concerned about the ceremony and photos adhering to their imaginations.  Such anxiety is a genuinely human emotion, and one that many couples feel.  (When I married, I certainly felt anxious.)

FYI: The underpass at the Bethesda Terrace is technically known as the “Minton Terrace.”  And the fountain on the Bethesda Terrace between the double dramatic staircases and the Lake is known as the “Angel of Waters’ Fountain.”

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