Day 39 of Winter: Brooklyn Winery Wedding Officiant

In addition to the larger room, the Brooklyn Winery has an adorable smaller room for very intimate gatherings with a dozen or two dozen guests.  Very dimly lit, the room feels cozy, inviting, and warm.  It suited N+E perfectly.  This pair opted to exchange personal vows, and I’ve never before listened to personal vows with more admiration.  Please do not misinterpret: all personal vows are deeply meaningful and amazing and unparalleled.  N+E happened to be poets and writers.  Not the stuck-up, snobby types.  And not the sappy, hallmark card types either.  Each put together a narrative that exquistely interwove the personal with abstract thoughts of their relationship. Big words and little words.  Big ideas and ephemera.  It was a sincere honor to be an officiant for such a loving, sweet couple.

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