Romantic Couple Gets Married in NYC

JosephKristen (123)JosephKristen (1)JosephKristen (9)JosephKristen (5)JosephKristen (12)JosephKristen (15)JosephKristen (17)JosephKristen (128)JosephKristen (34)JosephKristen (40)JosephKristen (42)JosephKristen (58)JosephKristen (63)JosephKristen (117)

K+J are a delightful couple! Both are beautiful, articulate, and expressive. Among their readings, K+J choose a sonnet by William Shakespeare. I admire the lyrical quality of older poetry, and I therefore greatly appreciate the opportunity to recite the classics in wedding ceremonies. Days before they married, the Bow Bridge finally re-opened. It looks fantastic! Since K+J originally wished to marry on this iconic bridge, I am sure its restoration further contributed to their joy. I had to share images of these newlyweds and the newly renovated Bow Bridge as soon as possible.

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