NYC Garden Wedding Officiant

NathanRonald (4)NathanRonald (6)NathanRonald (13)NathanRonald (16)NathanRonald (43)NathanRonald (46)NathanRonald (56)NathanRonald (72)

N+R are stylish and adorable gents. They are so very cute — in the very grown-up sense of the word! They graciously invited me to officiate their wedding in the Shakespeare Garden. They choose to marry on the eighth day of the eighth month because eight is the sign of infinity. Thus, by exchanging vows on a naturally auspicious day, their prospects of peace and prosperity grow. Of course, I am confident they would live happily regardless of the date. Still, we all need a bit of extra luck. The world may give much, but it is not without troubles too. I wish N+R (and all my couples) the best of love and health!

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