Housing Works Bookstore Wedding Ceremony

KerrySimon (1)KerrySimon (25)KerrySimon (27)KerrySimon (28)KerrySimon (2)KerrySimon (39)KerrySimon (47)KerrySimon (57)KerrySimon (16)KerrySimon (14)KerrySimon (20)

Some posses a weakness for kitchen gadgets or electronics or clothes or jewelry. I favor books. When Liam and I purchased grown-up furniture a few years ago, I had to force myself to part with boxes of mostly used, non-fiction books.  I paired down five (or six?) huge Ikea bookcases to three all wood, glass encased bookcases. I did try a Kindle, which did not work for me. Thus, I still collect and read books. And I try to consistently give away less-loved volumes to libraries and thrift shops.

For those, such as myself and K+S, who experience comfort and peace in the company of words, Housing Works Bookstore is an excellent location for a small wedding in New York. A community outreach organization, Housing Works also rents its bookstore at relatively inexpensive rates for private events.

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